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The goals of Carver Learning Systems, Inc. are to publish materials that will help all readers improve their reading ability and to eliminate illiteracy worldwide.

Carver Learning Systems was established in 1971 and was incorporated in 1980. For over 30 years the company has published and sold educational materials related to reading.

All of Carver Learning Systems’ products are relevant to Rauding Theory.

Definition of Rauding:
Rauding means to comprehend words — either written or spoken words. Rauding is a new word that has been derived from the combination of two words: reading and auding. Reading means to look at printed words in order to determine their meaning. Auding means to listen to spoken words in order to determine their meaning. The comprehension process is the same during reading and during auding. A person who is reading is said to be “rauding” if the thoughts represented by the printed words are being understood.

This theory:

  • describes what happens during reading
  • explains why most children read normally
  • predicts which children will read well and predicts which ones will have problems, such as disabilities and dyslexia.
  • allows parents and teachers to control how well children read by using the rauding approach to reading instruction.

For more information about Rauding Theory, refer to these sources:

Carver, R.P. (1997). Reading for one second, one minute, or one year from the perspective of rauding theory.  Scientific Studies of Reading, 1 (1), 3-43.

Carver, R.P. (2000).  The Causes of High and Low Reading Achievement. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Click here to read excerpts of the book on-line.

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