Dramatically Improve Reading Skills

The latest, cutting edge research indicates that good readers have an extensive vocabulary.

How Can Carver Learning Systems Help?

CaRT (The Carver Reading Tutor computer program) contains 10,000 words and teaches  in a manner that improves reading in the most efficient way. The Carver Reading Tutor (CaRT) teaches students new vocabulary words and how to spell them. Good readers have a good vocabulary and can recognize words instantly without having to think about how to sound out the word or what it means. The student will hear the word aloud, be given a definition and synonym, and will be taught to spell the word. The program works in groups of 10 words to make sure the student knows the word, it’s spelling, and can recognize it quickly in text before going on to the next set of words. The program is easy to use and is designed to ease the frustration that many poor readers feel when trying to improve their reading skills.

Reading is an essential part of becoming successful in school and in life.  CaRT  is a powerful way to improve reading ability for readers at all levels.  Students who read as low as the third grade level up through the freshman year of college can make significant gains.  It is especially helpful for poor readers, including dyslexic and English Language Learners (ELL).

Great Tool for SAT and ACT Prep

CaRT contains basic words that students need to be able to read by the time they reach the freshman year of college.  The program will help students learn to spell and pronounce all of the spoken words they already know.  Then, it will help them learn the meaning of new words. 

CaRT helps students dramatically increase their ability to read by working on pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, rate, and fluency.

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